1. Teachin the young’ns how to rabbit with @ruff_and_huddle this passed Saturday. #projectrabbit


  2. plump love

    (Source: chocolateyogi, via wonderwomanzombies)


  3. Knowledge is power 🙏 #projectrabbit


  4. Ever wanted to learn how to draw rabbits? Well my friend, THIS is your chance! Come on down to the world famous SELFRIDGES on Oxford St. Saturday from 12-6. I’ll be hosting an awesome doodle session up in the Kids section! You don’t have to be a kid to come, but it might help if you act like one!


  5. Supreme Pizza Cats. Brotherhood of the Nine Lives.


  6. Lookin good. Feelin good.


  7. Sometimes you gotta go that extra mile.


  8. My collection of tiny cats got a little bigger today! (at ArtHub)


  9. Finally got this Brian Maclaskey piece up in my studio. Probably my favorite painting in the galaxy. Check out more from Brian @squidinkkollective and @supremepizzacats1 #ninelives #supremepizzacats #petkittiesgetmoney #eatpizzagetmoney


  10. Nice little interview from my show in February by the fine gents at DweebCast.


  11. Super duper rare YELLOW slasher cat. Only two ever in the history of the world. #supremepizzacats #brotherhoodoftheninelives (at Westminster Industrial Estate)


  12. Circa 2008 #projectrabbit (at Southwark Jubilee Line Westbound Platform)


  13. Thuggin’


  14. My pizza croc from the hackney wick takeover at the V&A museum! Thanks @vamuseum !


  15. Fun evening painting in the V&A museum!