1. Real 2 me. (at Brick Lane Coffee)


  2. Where the magic happens… (at Art Hub)


  3. theclearlydope:

    The world needs this gif, right now. 

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  4. #selfie


  5. #supremepizzacats #9livescrew @supremepizzacats1 @squidinkkollective #catclique



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  7. Found this in the ether of the @hnrcrew lock up today. @kxxtz badman dj of the year. #crew


  8. robotindisguise:

    my spirit animal

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  9. Crouching Shredder, Hidden Splinter. On it’s way over to @shopcalledquest for the #tmnt art show in just over a week. Get ur teenage mutant ninja ass over there for the opening! (at Art Hub)


  10. Saturdays were made for painting big dumb blue cats. #JDI #yanggang #catcult #supremepizzacats photo by @minedesignz 👍 (at Leake Street Tunnel)


  11. A photo of the inside of my brain.

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  12. Woodys Bar is open and ready for business. Come have a hand painted drink with me and my fellow @penpusherslive #woodysbar #hackneywicked (at Stour Space)


  13. Gonna have a very small number of these available online next week. Keep your eyes peeled!


  14. Street Tits


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