1. HOT MESS (at Stour Space)


  2. #meowmix (at Stour Space)


  3. Hooray! Surprise Pizza Cat has been found and returned!!
    Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out! I really really appreciate it 🙏 (at Stour Space)


  4. I’m feelin lucky!


  5. Happy Monday! #catcult #weekendwarrior #backtoreality


  6. just in case you didn’t know… Dogs are cool too

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  7. King Kat #👑😼 (at Stour Space)



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  9. ohthankheaven:

    If only free Slurpee drinks were never-ending. 

    Slurpee day!!

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  10. PLS

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  11. Pepperoni Pizza Pussy Cat


  12. Gotcha!


  13. ATTENTION! Some greedy jerk stole this painting from my show in London! If you see it anywhere or know where it’s gone please let me know ASAP.


  14. 👐 FOREVER


  15. Thanks to everyone who came last night. 💜