1. WEDNESDAY! Is gonna get real. @secretwalls is back in town and we gonna be doin the ting!


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  3. FINALLY! got some #negora for my #cat collection. #kaiju #maxtoy #konatsuya


  4. in a perfect world

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  5. @minedesignz got super creative with some masking techniques this weekend with @hnrcrew and @artcrank. Came up with this super awesome mash up of two of my designs. Whoot! #hnrlive #artcranklondon2014 #screenprinting


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  7. Factoids #artcrank #artcranklondon2014


  8. Where the magic happens. #printyourlifeaway @artcrank #artcranklondon2014


  9. #printyourlifeaway


  10. "Cat logic" - Bob Motown. Site specific installation. 2014


  11. A very rare variant from #artcrank last year. ArtCrank LDN 2014 is going down this Friday & Saturday so save the date!


  12. Delirious


  13. From the desk of Bob Motown.


  14. Painted this lil guy today. #supremepizzacats (at Brick Lane Market)


  15. 😎 cool guy cat. Got quite a few cat heads left if anyone is interested please message me.